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leading news. 4:28 is your time now. 69 degrees. another mild start to your day. football fans, you can relax this morning. the nfl's referees are going back to work after a late night agreement with the league. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to the news today. new this morning, montgomery county police are investigating a shooting in gaithersburg. chopper 4 above the scene now. the shooting happened around 10:00. police say the man was shot multiple times, then walked to a nearby cvs and collapsed.
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at last check, the victim is still this the hospital. so far no arrests have been made. d.c. police are on the hunt for three men who beat a men. they tried to rob at a store at northwest last night and pistol whipped an employee in the store. the gun went off. no one was hit by the victim has serious injuries from the beating. later today, three men are expected in court for rock and brutally attacking a man last month in eastern market. d.c. police arrested the trio yesterday in the beating of thomas maslin. they robbed him for his iphone, they say. he is still in the hospital with serious brain injuries. investigators say these same men robbed three other people of their phones later that night. chief cathy lanier says his wife is relieved her-the-attackers have been caught. >> this has been a very difficult time for the family. she is extremely grateful to the work of the detectives and
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extremely grateful for those who called in and provided information that helped us to get where we are today. >> police tell news4 surveillance video may have cracked this case. the video appears to show those suspects trying to use his credit card. this morning more than 1,000 pepco workers are a step closer to going on strike. union workers cheered after an overwhelming vote to reject the latest contract offer. union rep try to get a new offer. workers will vote on whether to strike. pep co issued a statement saying they were disappointed with the union's decision to reject the offer. the labor battle comes as pep co got the go-ahead for a rate hike. the d.c. public service commission approved a partial rate increase, and that can mean an extra $2.60 a month for the average customer. we want to bring in veronica johnson, who's in for tom. another warm start today. >> right, another warm start. in fact, we're up a couple of degrees higher than we were
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yesterday. about five degrees across the area. we're seeing some rain too in parts of our area, up to the north where those temperatures are in the low 60s this morning. for areas like berry farms, you're at 69 degrees. currently 67 degrees in waldorf, maryland. again, it's a pretty mild start for us this morning again. but it's rain that we're talking about and some clouds, too. we've been for the most part partly cloudy for bigger part of overnight period, but now some clouds rolling in. you can see the heavier rain just up to the north, around frederick, maryland. around hagerstown, maryland. all this sliding to the east. so most locations not even going to get wet here for the morning hours, except for shots like maybe northern loudoun county. maybe howard county seeing some showers early on. showers possible mainly north of d.c. by lunchtime today, we're partly sunny, mild.
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we're dry for the bulk of the day as temperatures push into the mid and upper 70s. 83 your high temperature for today with the best chance of showers and storms after 5:00 today. first 4 traffic right now. >> i'm tracking breaking news, if you're traveling in silver spring taking university boulevard, right now all your lanes are blocked at dennis avenue. the situation involves a car accident resulting in a downed pole completely blocking university boulevard. if you're trying to take university boulevard or even heading over to georgia avenue, that's not going to be an option for some time and hopefully we're going to get a live camera there very soon. but keep in mind, university boulevard, all your lanes are blocked at dennis avenue. also in virginia, you're dealing with some construction. blocking the ramps on 7. so if you're taking the inner loop or outer loop at 7, those ramps are shut down. outer loop at 7, looks like the right lane is still blocked but these work zones should be
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wrapping up soon. breaking news right now, nfl replacement referees are out. the real refs are back on the job. the league and referees union reached a tentative deal on a new contract overnight. tony is live at the news desk with more. good morning. >> reporter: this is the moment fans were waiting for. roger goodell temporary lifted the lockout, which allows the veteran nfl refs to work the game tonight. the nfl and the referees association agreed on an eight-year collective bargaining agreement, which is the longest agreement between the two sides in nfl history. now, talks between the two sides picked up following the fiasco at the end of the seattle-green bay game. commissioner goodell said "we look forward to having the finest officials in sporters back on the field and i want to give a special thanks to nfl fans for their passion", and i'm sure he's talking about the 70,000 voicemails left for him
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after the seahawks-packers game or the thousands of photoshoped ref pictures that have gone viral through facebook and twitter. the race for the white house passes through virginia today. both candidates will be campaigning in the commonwealth. mitt romney will be in springfield at american legion post 176. president obama is holding the rally in virginia beach. recent polls show the president with a slight lead in virginia. president obama is criticizing his republican rival for his recent anger over u.s. jobs being shipped to china. mitt romney has called china a currency manipulator. mr. obama says his newfound outrage isn't credible. he's also accusing the gop presidential nominee of profiting from companies that shipped jobs to china. and mitt romney says massachusetts' health care law is proof he understands ordinary americans. he told supporters in ohio yesterday that he got everyone in massachusetts insured when he was that state's governor. romney doesn't discuss his health care law much on the
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campaign trail because president obama says he used it as the basis for his own federal health care law. romney says he'll repeal what republicans call obama care if he becomes president. the virginia attorney general approved a plan to impose stricter standards on abortion clinics. the state board approved the regulations earlier this month, requiring existing clinics to deal with higher standards. opponents say forcing clinics to comply with costly renovations could put them out of business. the plan now goes to governor bob mcdonnell for further review. a virginia community is pulling together after a family murder-suicide in herndon. friends and family attended a memorial last night. 57-year-old albert peterson shot and killed his wife kathy and their two sons christopher and matthew and then shot himself. it's news other parents and students are taking very hard. >> we have kids that are the
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same age. i don't want to go through that ever. but, i mean, i just think it's important that we show support. >> i was just looking around in the hallways, everywhere, and everyone looked like him but none of them were him. >> police are still trying to figure out what may have led up to that murder-suicide. police in prince george's county say they've identified people of interest in two high profile murder case. 17-year-old amber stanley was shots and killed by an intruder in her home in late august. someone killed markell ross when he was walking to capital heights high school where he attended. in a news4 exclusive interview, prince george's county police chief says the cases will not go unsolved. >> we have leads, as in suspects in both cases, that we're trying to develop more information to either exclude them from the suspect list or go further and make a full arrest. >> prince george's county police
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have been holding public informational meetings in hoping of getting any information to solve the cases. fairfax county will soon have to look for a new police chief. its current chief is stepping down. he will become a deputy county executive for public safety. he's headed fairfax county's police department for eight years. that is the third longest tenure in the department's history. ahead on news4 today, why answers to the mystery of what happened to jimmy hoffa could be found in this driveway. plus, the price of education. why that college degree is weighing down more and more americans. scattered somehowers in our area this morning. your forecast is next with weather and traffic on t
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"harry potter" will hit this ball to left-center. it is carrying. >> the nationals' magic number is now down to four. they beat the phillies 8-4 last night thanks in part to that bryce harper home run. it was the rookie phenom's 20th homer of the season. the braves also won last night so their first place remains at four games. >> for people who may not be as closely acquainted with baseball as you were, that four represents the number of games they have to win in order to get the baseball title. >> yes. >> i'm just saying. some people are like four what?
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>> i'm not necessarily closely -- what is it you said? >> closely acquainted. >> i'm just a fan. >> veronica johnson is in the storm center now with a look at the warm start to the morning. >> look, i'm closely acquainted to the monitor here, look. i'm sorry. we're just teasing you. we're at 69 degrees outside right now. 69. that is mild. we've got a light wind too out of the south, but it's a little wet in parts of the area. some clouds making their way into our area. so kind of a mostly cloudy start. it's not going to last too long. the rain or those clouds. but some thunderstorms up around johnsville, in the areas of frederick, maryland, the heavy rain headed with a little bit of lightning. the high temperature today, 83 degrees. so we're going to get a break from these showers. they should be ending by around 7:00 a.m. and then they're back in to the area by around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.
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probably d.c. hitting this area around 7:00 p.m. today. some showers, some storms. 84 the high temperature for today. still a chance of a little bit of rain tomorrow. first 4 traffic now with danella. >> still keeping an eye on the situation on university boulevard. breaking news for you, if you're traveling university boulevard, all your lanes are blocked. car accident resulting in a pole just laying across university boulevard, and that's going to be a problem for some time. it may take a while for crews to remove the pole. also if you're traveling around i-95, checking roads out for you in virginia. as you make your way southbound, paving is blocking the right lane. this is as you approach 3. that's been going on for some time and should be clearing around 5:00 a.m. let's head over to a live look at lorton. no issues here as you make your way northbound. your travel lanes are open as you head from lorton and make your way to the beltway.
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i'm back in ten minutes. back over to you. it is 4:42 right now. still to come, more chaos at 30,000 feet. the unincident that forced some pilots to turn the plane around. also ahead, her inflammatory tweet to ravens wide-out torrey smith sparked outrage. now that patriots fan is responding to the controversy.
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the fbi is heading to roseville, michigan, on a tip that jimmy hoffa's body is buried in a backyard there. a man in that community said he saw people burying a body there just hours after he went missing. he was last seen meeting with two suspected mafia members at a d.c. restaurant. police say they are taking the tip seriously but they don't expect to actually find hoffa's
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body. for the second time in a week, an argument between flight attendants delays a flight. this time a united airlines pilot returned to raleigh, north carolina, when two employees got into a tiff. the captain actually asked for cops to meet the plane at the gate. nobody was hurt and there was no arrest. but that incident did cause a three-hour delay. just last week, an argument between two flight attendants caused a four-hour delay on a flight from jfk to washington. a johns hop k s hopkins emp issued an apology, she said she regrets her completely inappropriate comment. she fired off two offensive tweets after he caught two touchdown passes hours after his brother died in an accident. officials say that moody's comments were made from a personal account. the perjury trial against two former penn state administrators accused of lying to a grand jury will start in
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january. a judge rejected a bid to dismiss the charges against tim curley and gary schultz yesterday. the judge did not rule on another issue. curley and schultz say the statute of limitations expired on charges of failing to properly report child abuse. sandusky was convicted in june. he will be sentenced next month. two high profile republicans are backing embattled missouri senate candidate todd akin. the former gop presidential candidate rick santorum and senator jim demint both announced their indorsmentes. they called him a principle conservative committed to fighting for freedom. akin faced pressure to quit his campaign after saying in an interview that women's bodies have a natural defense against pregnancy in case of legitimate rape. he later apologized for that comment. this morning, firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a large fire at an ocean city condo complex.
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pictures show thick plumes of smoke coming from the community. no one was hurt. the fire destroyed three condo units. the families have to find another place to stay. no word yet what caused a driver to veer off the road and plow a car right through a house. a couple was inside when the car came through the dining room. they were not hurt. rescuers took the 70-year-old driver to the hospital. he's going to be okay. the family is moving out of the house until it is repaired. marylanders may not be ready to put a casino in prince george's county. about 44% of maryland voters say they support expanded gambling in the state. about 46% oppose it. about 9% say they are still unsure. voters will decide in november whether to approve an expanded gambling bill. supporters plan on holding a rally today at national harbor. it is a potential site for a prince george's county casino. thousands of metro riders may soon be able to avoid those annoying lines at fare card
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machines. the transit agency is asking about 30,000 users to test a new feature that will allow money to be added on automatically. it works much like the easy pass. once your balance drops below a certain level, metro will automatically bill your card to replenish the balance. metro has not said when that will available. after more than two decades of legal battles, demolition is officially under way for development in southeast washington. crews will replace the one down skyline mall. it's been replaced by a huge 18-acre development, which will imcollude 500 housing units, retail shops and a planned welcome store. paul savage has been at the center of this debate for 23 years and says this development is long overdue to help the people of southeast washington. >> what we don't have are the amenities of cleveland park and georgetown, etc.
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we deserve that, we don't have it, but we believe that we will get it. and this is a starting point. >> he says he and the city will monitor the demolition and construction to make sure it stays on schedule. new research shows a record number of american households have student loan debt. a new report says one in five households, about 19%, are in student loan debt. that is up 15% from 2007. it's the biggest three-year increase in student debt in more than 20 years. pew credits the increase to higher tuition costs and the recession. i know i still have mine to pay off. so it's a normal thing for a lot of folks. >> exactly. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. another pretty warm start. >> another warm start. only this morning, we're not just seeing a few showers. we're seeing some thunderstorms north of us, up around mount eerie and frederick county. we had some thunderstorms last night. so i wanted to show you this
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picture. this is what my dog does. >> aw, poor baby. >> does your dog do that too? run and hide when there's thunder heard. this is scared cooper. just hide between two bins and wait for that storm to pass. our temperatures out there this morning, we are in the 60s. right now, 69 degrees reagan national airport. the dew point temperature at 63 degrees. so higher humidity in the air this morning. in fact, on the radar right now, those storms sliding east through the area. you can easily see where that rain is coming down the hardest. some lightning, some thunder, northern areas of howard county, up into frederick county and around baltimore county. all that making its way to the east toward hartford and cecil county. what's going to be happening the next couple days is we'll still be dealing with this weather
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front that's been north of our area. we were on the warm side of it yesterday with temperatures in the low 80s. we'll on the warm side of that front for today. we've got a chance of rain back i think during the late afternoon and evening hours. here we are at 7:00. you can see some of the heavier rain and even some thunderstorms coming back into our area. so for a good chunk of the day, we'll be looking at a partly sunny sky and some pretty warm conditions. so that front is right over us tomorrow. so chance of some storms a lirt earlier tomorrow. as far as this afternoon, a chance of isolated thunderstorms. after about 5:00 p.m., temperatures will climb in the upper 0s to low 80s again. so it will be a short sleeve kind of day for the college students, for the kids heading off to high school. today they're probably going to be wearing the short pants. 66 to 73, isolated thunder for the evening. looking better with a slight chance of a shower coming your way sunday. >> still tracking breaking news
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along university boulevard. if you're traveling university boulevard at dennis avenue, crash there has resulted in a downed pole, so right now university boulevard, all your lanes are blocked until crews can remove the pole. this may possibly affect your morning commute. so keep in mind, university trying to get to colesville road, cannot do it. also, it may be difficult to get to georgia avenue as well. just be aware of that and try to make alternate plans. let's head over to -- some good news. had road work at cedar. that's gone. also looking good, traveling along i-270, a live look. no issues here. between clarksburg in rockville in both directions, you're clear on i-270. officials at the university of virginia are calling for a recount after being named the top party school in the country. "playboy" magazine gave the school that title. editors say the ranking is based on three categories.
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sports, sex, and night life. a school spokesperson tells nbc news the university would rather be recognized for its academic achievements. last month, "forbes" ranked uva the top public university in the country. >> i didn't know you could call for a recount on those sorts of things. >> probably not going to happen, but a way to say we're not so crazy about this honor. >> but people do recognize uva. >> this "playboy" thing is entirely for a laugh. it's just a fun sort of thing, i guess. some dads have stockpiles of mugs and t-shirts declaring them the world's best father. >> well, one man from tacoma park, maryland, is taking the title to heart. david started a collection of photos with his daughter alice. these are phenomenal. the photos show alice in precarious situations and they all have one thing in common. a coffee mug that says world's best father. he says almost all of the pictures are photo shopd, of
4:55 am
course -- photoshoped and his daughter was never in any danger. stay with us on nbc. he and his daughter alice will be on this morning's "today" show right here on nbc 4. just so delightful. she is so cute. later in life, she'll look back on these photos and be so happy that her dad went to the effort. >> or mortified. >> look how cute she is. >> that's nice. you see so many baby pictures, that's definitely another way to do it. >> so creative. >> good for him. >> still to come this morning, we have much more on the late night deal between the nfl and its referees. also coming up, yet another reason why you should make it a priority to enjoy a little chocolate. first though, the new record that may have you dreading your next trip to the atm. talk about
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record high atm fees may make you think twice about where you go to get your money. compares surcharges annually. it found the average atm fee is now at an all-time high of $2.50. surcharges typically come from the machine operator to a noncustomer. fees got even higher when banks choose for using a competitor's machine. you may want to consider
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leaving more money on the table the next time you dine out. some still debate if 15% or 20% is the right amount to tip, but a story in "the new york post" may raise that. it suggests some manhattan waiters now expect more if they did a good job serving you. a cornell university professor studied some 9,000 credit card receipts from just one restaurant in new york. he found more than 30% of customers left a tip of more than 20%. that's a lot. >> it is. >> it must mean the restaurant has good customer service. >> or you're like me and you're so horrible at math that 20% is easy to figure out, so you leave something closer to that, if the service was good. if it's bad survey, i'll go less. >> the survey saying it's more than 20%. would you do more than 20% if it's good service? >> yes. again, starting with that 20%, because it's easy to figure out. >> just add on top of that. >> i might, if it's good service. a local man is being honored for serving his country the last 70 years.
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